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System Testing

Ensuring conformity to system specifications for rapid delivery to the operational environment.

Our comprehensive testing solutions enables you to launch new services at accelerated speed and higher quality. At Steel Point, our highly experienced team employ methods, techniques and technology to ensure your system performs and functions as intended. Our Testing services include:

Test Lifecycle Services. Our test lifecycle services assure high quality system integration by establishing disciplined and optimized testing management and effective test processes:

Test Management Office provides a comprehensive framework for all your testing activities with unique, practical and goal-oriented management philosophy. This holistic approach drives best practices and improves quality in planning and control of the testing scope, schedule, vendors, risks, and interdependencies.

Test Environment Management provides a framework including planning, infrastructure support and architect consulting for controlled software test environments. 

Core Testing Services. Our core testing services include functional, non-functional, and end-to-end testing.  Our functional testing validates end-to-end business processes and coverage of business requirements. Our non-functional testing includes:

Performance testing which ensures high system availability and acceptable response time under extreme usage.

Operational readiness testing which certifies that the future production environment is ready for smooth operations.

End-to-end which evaluates system readiness from the business side and validates the customer experience.