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Systems Engineering

Continuous support from system implementation to lifecycle conclusion.

Our approach to Systems Engineering is grounded in translating industry standards and best practices into comprehensible plans customizable to meet our client's requirements.  Our team of experts have over 20 years of experience architecting, designing and implementing complex solutions through out the entire system lifecycle.  We understand that Systems Engineering is a comprehensive, iterative technical management process that translates your operational requirements into a configured system. At Steel Point we explore methods of improving their existing system and augmenting its efficiency. 

We apply a robust SE plan that balance total system performance with total ownership cost. We develop and implement a comprehensive Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) includes highly beneficial and management tools, such as the ability to perform peer reviews, informed and formal inspections, project reviews and audits including:

Preliminary Design Review

Critical Design Review

Subsystem Requirements

Software Specification Reviews

Test Readiness Reviews

Functional Reviews

In Process Revies